Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful "Lazy Angel"

(little PrettyStuff watercolor by me : )

I'm not sure why I waited to post this. I guess I wanted to see how it worked before I put it out there. It's not like getting friends to like a T-shirt company and earning yourself a free T-Shirt. 

...I did it...
...Signed up...
...Signed in...
Downloaded the little counter thingy, and wha-la! 

All of a sudden I was helping these beautiful children by visiting my favorite websites! I've invited my daughter, Patterson, to shed a little light on the LAZY ANGEL. She works for MANA and knows all about helping hungry little people, but watch the video first...

{Lazy Angel Video}
 If you are an email subscriber, you may have to
visit the blog to watch the video!


I'm filling in for my dear mother today to tell you all how you can help out malnourished children across the globe without even opening your pocket book.

I know, I know. It sounds impossible. But, in the past week I've funded 5 weeks of Vitamin A coverage, 4 months of deworming coverage, and 5 weeks of Zinc coverage for 3 malnourished kids in Guatemala. And I haven't spent a dime. I've just gone to work everyday, caught up on my favorite blogs, and finished my Christmas shopping.

The Lazy Angel Browser App is the do-gooder blogger's best friend. You simply install this app to your Internet browser and go about your business. While you're perusing the latest issue of Lonny, ogling the many blogger gift guides, and filling your shopping cart on Amazon, you'll also be earning "health points" from the tiny ads that will be displayed at the bottom of your browser. The ads are completely unobtrusive, you'll never get any pop-ups, and Lazy Angel will make sure the ads are relevant to you.

Every six weeks, the average Lazy Angel will provide six months of child nutrition by simply carrying on with their daily web activities. You'll also get to choose which health projects your points will be spent on. What's easier than that? You really just don't have an excuse not to :)

Patterson aka "Pretty Stuff

(Patterson definitely is "pretty is as pretty does!")

Every mother should have healthy, happy beautiful children!
Let's help PrettyStuff spread some love!

Now, don't just follow the steps above. Once you've done this, you can follow your progress while you surf earning "health points." You can click on your health points and select projects to support as well as invite your own friends to participate and ask, from a list of sponsors, for help with your projects. All of these things are quicker than Amazon check-out...so JUST DO IT! FOLLOW US!

PrettyStuff Tumblr Logo watercolor

Doesn't it all make sense...shedding light on beautiful things...Pretty is as Pretty Does...Follow Me! You gotta love this! She's a very THOUGHT-FULL 
and smart young lady and I love her so very much!

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