Friday, December 19, 2014

Rabbit Hole Adventure

Y'all know I haven't been posting much lately.
I've just been super busy and just posting in the Cul de Sac...

But this morning I went deep in the Rabbit Hole from Sketch42 
and got lost behind door number one!

and well, here we go...
plus #Handy was late and stuck in traffic...

This is where I started. 
Cool daybed built-in! And that elephant... need her!

Incredible Outdoor Space!

Loving those garage doors.
Pinned that on my little private tinyhouse board!

What dream houses are made of...

...from one silver sphere to the next...


Those chairs... they don't look very comfortable,
but I'm pretty comfortable with those lanterns over
the kitchen island! BEAUTIFUL!

...I'm pretty sure there's a fish wall in my future...

I'm crazy about how how they are swimming around the corner!

I was focused on the interiors, but he also has
beautiful travel photography and I'm thinking this one
will inspire a painting soon!

Pretty incredible portrait and fashion photography too.
That's all, just sharing some incredible talent!
Stay tuned for door number two! 

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