Saturday, March 26, 2011

Girly Outlaw . . .

'Wanted!' Isabeli Fontana by David Sims for Vogue Paris April 2011 2

'Wanted!' Isabeli Fontana by David Sims for Vogue Paris April 2011 3

This is not exactly what I picture when I think BANDIT,
But she's the coolest bandit I've ever seen.
I'm guessing she got away with her crime or anything else she wanted.

Wanted!, Vogue Paris April 2011
Model Isabeli Fontana
Photographer: David Sims, Styling: Emmanuelle Alt
{images ~ fashion copious ~ via ~ honestlyWTF ~}

Ok, out comes the jean shirt and I want a great new belt...

I like the buckle on this one and the fringe is
so fun, but I guess that's also why it'd be hard to wear.

This one's pricey, but great looking!

Is this one tough enough?
Cuz you could wear it with everything and it's only $38 bucks!

Maybe I could add something to this one to make it bandit-like and not so simple... just a little bit more... Maybe stamp in some designs like we use to do at camp and add some brass studs or add some strips like  ~ Mr. Piecey Price up there from Free PeopleMaybe just in the front so it wouldn't be a chore to get it through the loops on your britches... I'm thinking I need to get my friend Cat to help me with this little project...

Find Your Way Cuff


I'm creating quite a list for Cat to help me with.
Cat is also ~ Tangles & Mud ~ but she's not posted there in awhile.
I'm guessing she's covered up with her leather goods.
...I want one of her headbands too...
Cat, looks like we need to get the gang together 
and make some stuff!

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