Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Singing With Scissors !

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...This is Wonderful...
My son knows me so well.
He knew I'd be crazy for this song and 
probably more the video!
The giant "cootie catcher" at the end is so great!
What? That's not what they're called? Yes it is!
That's what we called them in the 4th Grade!
Thanks Hobbs, my BeatDropping son!


  1. Hello,I'm Donata from Italy,I don't know if you remember we sent each other an e-mail for a free pattern of yours..hope you are well..the video you posted is absolutely fantastic!I do love the song and the video.It's wonderful you are right!hugs and kisses!

  2. Donata, thanks for following along and love that CrushParty reaches all the way to Italy! The internet is so amazing. What did we do before this digital age? Oh, I know...got a lot more done, but with much less inspiration...ciao! xov (kisshugstitch!)


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