Wednesday, August 31, 2011

" All Dressed Up "

Photo: Amanda TempleBermuda 

photo: kageaki smith 

I am absolutely, completely, head over heels and skirt 
in love with ~ Shelly Hamill's ~ sculpture! 

Shelly lives in Aspen, Colorado where she met my friend Lora 
who posted this link on my facebook page
Thanks Lora, I'm smitten, but then you knew I would be! 
photo: kageaki smith 

"Love, joy, pain, tenderness and devotion look different on every person. 
Every landscape vista is unique.Yet all things have beauty. 
I break up those images into fragments and put them back together 
in a new way with texture. I invite people to touch the art 
and experience beauty in a new way." 

How refreshing! Being asked to look AND touch. 

photo: kageaki smith 

photo: kageaki smith 

photo: kageaki smith 

photo: Amanda Temple, Bermuda

photo: kageaki smith 

"My challenge is to create something that is feminine and flirty, 
with softness and drape like fabric, using ceramic, glass and stone. 
I work to create flow and gracefulness. My hope is that the viewer will 
touch the pieces, experience the rigidity of them, and appreciate 
seeing something in an entirely new way." 

photo: Amanda Temple, Bermuda

...Now if that doesn't blow your skirt up...
...see more here on...

Shelly Hamill's ~ Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Blog ~


  1. So beautiful and it would be perfect for a bride that loves her dress!

  2. What to do with Grandma's broken china...........create a family heirloom.

  3. I'd love to know more about your art! I collect flow blue and of course I can't part with broken pieces... I have a little stash.
    Do you do commissions? Would you send me a price list, too?
    Thanks so much!


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